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Hello, my darlings! The sun is shining. The Packers are winning (so far). The Badgers won yesterday. Could you ask for a better weekend?

Yesterday, Holly and I got some girl time as we went shopping for some much-needed clothes. She inexplicably outgrew everything she owned and did it within a month. While we were doing that, Jim and Connor were busy raking leaves and mowing the lawn. I brought home from work a mountain of paperwork to get through this weekend, so while I get the pleasure of doing that, Jim and Connor are up on the roof, emptying out the gutters, and finishing up prepping the yard for winter. The weather truly is gorgeous out today; I would much rather be out there with them.

I found a way to help out with our busy schedule – slow cookers! I knew I had two of them for a reason. Last weekend, I fired up the slow cooker for one meal and made a double-batch of another meal. That was enough food to last us all week long. Since that was so successful, I have both of them going already today. With Jim leaving again tonight, this will hopefully help the weekday 7:30 PM scramble to get dinner on the table. If you have any great slow cooker recipes that reheat well, I’m all ears!


That’s about it for me. All of that paperwork is unfortunately calling my name. I really detest having to work from home on my weekends. I hope you are having a better Sunday than me. Have a great day and happy reading!
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