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I’ve read both books. I’ve seen one of the movies. Who, in my opinion, would win among these crazy psycho killers? Bateman vs. Lecter?

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Yes, Hannibal Lecter is brilliant, calm, and calculating. Among sheer deviousness, Lecter wins. However, Patrick Bateman is, if it isn’t all in his head, completely unpredictable, and that is what makes him the most terrifying of these killers. Lecter never does anything without planning and preparation. Bateman is a ticking time bomb and will lash out at unsuspecting bystanders without warning. It is the unknown force behind Bateman’s actions that make him particularly dangerous.

Therefore, mano-a-mano, my vote is Bateman for the win. He is the Ultimate Psycho Killer!

Agree or disagree?

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