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Good morning, my lovelies! We all float down here. Wait. Scratch that. I think I need a break from the IT-along as I’m beginning to hear scary clown voices before I fall to sleep. Mr. King certainly knows how to craft a scary and entirely engrossing novel!

The kids made it through their first week of school and first week of various activities. Eighth grade in a new school was definitely intimidating for Connor. He was sick to his stomach the morning of the first day of school and would come home trying to figure out the social structure and where he might best fit. The first two day of classes were big “getting to know you” days for the entire school, which was a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allowed him to become more familiar with his fellow classmates. On the other hand, he still doesn’t have a good feel for his classes or the school because he only spent one real day following his regular schedule. Holly fared much better, as we knew she would. She came home after the first day excited because a fellow classmate who sits right next to her has the same birthday as she does. By the end of the week, she was talking about new friends and chatting away about who she was sitting next to at lunch, who she played with at recess, and the like – you know, the important things. Her desire to do well in school this year is palpable, and she was incredibly focused on doing all of her work and making a good impression with her teacher. I hope it lasts.

Connor is officially participating in marching band this year as well as band. The fact that the boy feels the need to play the biggest instrument available still baffles me. It will be interesting to see how his skinny frame will handle marching for miles while carrying the sousaphone.

Holly’s cheerleading squad is certainly interesting this year. It is the first year for this program, so the number of girls per squad is very low. Holly only has three other girls on her squad, and she was asked/forced to cheer for the second graders again, even though she is a year older than the other girls. At her first game yesterday, only two girls from the squad showed up to cheer, Holly being one of them. The coach, bless her, has no clue what she is doing, and she opted to spread out the few cheers they have over the entire game rather than repeat them several times throughout the course of the game. Not only that but she had the girls cheer facing the teams rather than the parents. I just had to laugh. I’m hoping Holly feels more comfortable with her coach and the other girls to teach them a few pointers, otherwise it is going to be a long peewee football season.

Three years ago, if someone would have asked me to read nothing but horror books or other spooky reads for two months, I would have laughed in their face and said that I don’t do horror or spooky reads. Now, if someone asks me to do that, I say “Bring it on!” Stephen King’s IT, Shirley Jackson’s THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, Psycho USA, DRACULA, Sarah Waters’ THE LITTLE STRANGER, AMERICAN PSYCHO, and whatever else I can fit in until the end of October. And I’m enjoying every single minute of it. God bless blogging and the opening up the horizons.

Reviewed this week:

That’s about it from here this week. Considering Jim is out of town (again), I better try to get as much relaxing time as possible! The fact that the weather is gorgeous, and NFL football is on ensures that I shouldn’t have any problems with that…as long as the kids behave of course. Have a great Sunday, everyone. Happy reading! 
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