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Happy Labor Day Weekend to my American friends! To those of you who live outside of the US and do not get a three-day weekend, happy Sunday! As this marks the official end of summer events, we are taking full advantage of the days off to rest and relax. How about you?

We met Holly’s teacher and dropped off her school supplies. Connor was able to get in the middle school to find his locker and drop off his supplies. We have everyone’s schedules, bus routes, walking routes, and uniforms. I think we are about as ready for the school year to start on Tuesday as we will ever be. It is not a minute to soon either. Considering that the kids got out of school on May 24th, they have inadvertently had one of the longest summer vacations in the nation, and you can definitely tell they are ready. Hopefully, they will both find friends quickly to finally put an end to their rants on how we “ruined their lives” by moving.

College football has officially started! Yesterday marked our first Wisconsin game at Camp Randall Stadium in fifteen years. As luck would have it, our parking passes are in the lot right next to our old dorm rooms. We had an absolute blast showing the kids the campus as well as the vibrant energy of Madison on game days. Operation Get-The-Kids-To-Go-To-UW-For-College is in effect!

September means spooky reads, which means Carl’s R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril event has begun. It is in its seventh (!) year and never ceases to be one of the most fun bookish events of the year. I have no idea what I am going to read yet, but I certainly am up to the challenge!

Reviewed this week:

Can I reiterate how much I love fall? Football, spooky reads, sweaters, yoga pants, slippers, blankets, and I started out the month yesterday with a cider donut and pumpkin spice latte. Christmas has nothing on September and October!
My goal for the next two days is to do as little as possible. I hope your weekend, however long, is equally restful. Happy Sunday and happy reading!
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