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October is soon upon us, which means that Dueling Monsters is back! In a month dedicated to everything spooky, what could be better than pitting well-known monsters against each other (virtually of course) and determining the winner? In years past, Dracula trounced Frankenstein, Dorian Gray took down Mr. Hyde, and Cthulu bested Dr. Moreau. This year sets Hannibal Lecter against Patrick Bateman in what is guaranteed to be the most disgusting, horrifying year ever.

So what is required? Nothing more than reading, listening to, or watching American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis and/or Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and writing up your thoughts on either or both selection to leave on the site by October 29th.

Never one to turn down a challenge, and because I really do seem to have gone a little berserk over this whole horror thing this year, I’m going to listen to both audiobooks.

Well, I was a little eager about this challenge, so I’ve already listened to American Psycho. Something tells me that Red Dragon is going to be a relatively pleasant listen after that. Patrick Bateman may be “da man” according to Jill, but he is certainly one sick man. Lecter better step up his game if he hopes to win this year!

Won’t you join us? After all, facing psychopaths is always easier in numbers, right?

Image: Dueling Monsters 2012 Button #2
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