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Happy birthday to my darling daughter – the most gregarious, beautiful, generous girl I know! You truly are my sunshine!

Photo: Holly at Age 8
Birthday Girl

It’s been quite a weekend. We spent our Saturday working on the house from morning until night The garage is finished, and we are making headway on the rest of the small jobs. This morning, Jim, in training for the Chicago marathon, had to run 13 miles, so I opted to ride my bike as his trail vehicle. We were up at 6 AM and didn’t sit down again until my parents, my brother and his family came to help us celebrate Holly’s birthday. At this point in time, I’m ready for the work week just for the chance to relax!

Speaking of the work week, this will be Jim’s last week in Cincinnati. Of course, he gets one week off and then has to start traveling for his new job. Those trips are supposed to be shorter and not quite as frequent as these recent trips, in theory anyway. I guess we will soon discover the truth.

Reviewed this week:

Did you hear the news about PR by the Books? Congratulations on their 10th anniversary!
Alright, folks. I’m tired and am ready to cuddle with my family before the craziness of the week starts back up. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week. Happy reading!
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