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Good morning!

This week we experienced school registration. I know the district in which the kids are enrolled is small, but people, it was seriously the most ate-up thing I’ve ever experienced. They held school registration for the entire district on one day and in one building. The lines to pay all of the fees stretched across the entire auditorium and out the doors. Volunteers were giving wrong information, and in general it was just a huge mess. For a school district that prides itself on being so technologically advanced – with its iPads for all students and use of up-to-date technology for all grades and classes – I am still baffled why they have such antiquated methods of registration. It filled me with enough horror to absolutely dread having to do it again next year.

One of the interesting things about changing school districts is finding out the differences in curriculum and rules. Even though we took the time to guarantee that the kids’ entire school records were copied and transferred to their new district, including all of their standardized test scores, Connor still has no class schedule because “they didn’t know what classes to put him in.” Seriously? What’s worse is the fact that even though he was in pre-algebra last year and his reading lexile scores are through the roof for his age, he still has to take at least two tests to be placed into algebra and advanced biology. This poor kid has to remember pre-algebra after an entire summer of not having to do any math or else faces having to take the same math class he took last year? Wasn’t Bush’s No Child Left Behind crapola designed to make sure that all students were obtaining a more similar education to avoid such differences when switching from one district to another? I just don’t get why, if they have all of his test scores, grades, and student file, why there would be so great a difference as to require yet more testing…less than a week before the start of school no less. I am not happy but am keeping my mouth shut until his test results are returned. If he is not placed in either class, I am going to raise holy terror. Never underestimate the wrath of a momma fighting for her children’s well-being.

Since this week was also dance class registration, our fall schedule is quickly becoming clear. All I can say is “By the power of Greyskull, what the hell have I done to myself?” I thought last fall was bad, but I honestly think this year is worse. Three dance classes per week, one piano class, cheerleading practice, cheerleading for football games, marching band practices, marching at football games and at parades throughout the fall. That is not even counting the fact that we have our season tickets for Wisconsin football, which will be all-day affairs when factoring in Fifth Quarter, travel times, and traffic into and out of Madison. Add to this mess the fact that Jim will be traveling at least two weeks out of every month, and there is a cold ball of dread in my stomach at the thought of having absolutely no free evenings at least through October if not longer. I’m trying to remind myself that all these practices means lots of reading time, but I confess that right now, all I can see is the fact that I will have to get to work an hour earlier than I already do at least twice a week in order to be able to leave work in time to get the kids to their appropriate practices on time. For those who have done this before and survived, I will take all helpful hints and suggestions. I’m also taking offers of financial support, since a full-time job does not dovetail nicely into being a full-time chauffeur to the kids, and volunteers to be said chauffeur. Positions of chef, housemaid, personal shopper, dog walker, laundress, and personal secretary are also open.

Friday night, my brother and his wife as well as Jim and I headed to Tinley Park, IL to see Incubus and Linkin Park in concert. It was my first concert for this year, and I was surprised by how much I missed the energy of such live events. Even with not being crazy fans of either band’s songs, it is difficult not to get into the spirit of things when surrounded by so many other screaming fans. It was a great opportunity to do something with my brother and his wife now that we live closer. Both bands were amazing, especially Linkin Park. Their new music has definitely evolved from their earlier songs, and I really, really like it. Now, Muse needs to get off their butt and start planning another US tour…


We have a bit of a reprieve today thanks to a cancelled cheerleading practice. With the rainy, gloomy weather today, I feel a desire to bake and just relax around the house today. I hope you all have just as relaxing a Sunday as we are having. Happy reading!
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