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Image: It-Along ButtonEarlier this year, I dove into my very first Stephen King novel with the audiobook of THE STAND. I absolutely loved it and knew I had to read more. Next up came 11/22/63. Again, it became an instant favorite. After a week of reading Jill’s hilariously wacky (and slightly scary) pleas to join Christina and her in reading Stephen King’s IT, I thought, “Sure! Why not?”

Actually, my entire thought process was more along the lines of this, “Even though clowns creep me out completely, and the idea of killer clowns just seems redundant because aren’t all clowns really killers of some sort, what is there not to like about the idea of a group of bloggers getting together to read this iconic King classic? So what if I really don’t read horror books, let alone enjoy them? So what if I have nightmares forever? I’m sure I won’t always run away crying and screaming from every clown I see after finishing the book. I already know I would rather listen to it than read it, which means another audiobook to distract me while working. Besides, work is too boring. I need the crap scared out of me while I stare at spreadsheets all day long.”

See my completely rational thought process? Somehow, through all of that, I decided that the It-Along is a good thing, and that yes, I am going to participate in this crazy event. After all, what do I have to lose other than a few nights’ of sleep?

Won’t you join us?

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