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Hello! Three days and counting – our preparations for moving are in full force. Yesterday, in fact, we had another quick trip to Janesville to pick out paint colors. Painting commences tonight, so that should be well underway by the time we close on Tuesday. Our household goods are not being delivered until Wednesday, which gives us an entire day to clean, get groceries and other household sundries we need to replace. It may sound boring but I cannot wait to start getting my hands dirty again.

Is your weather just as awful as ours has been? Wisconsin is not known for its hot weather, but we certainly blew that out of the water (or lack thereof) this month. 10 straight days of 90+ degree weather, with five of those days topping over 100 degrees – awful does not adequately describe the miserableness of that. We are in the throes of a nasty drought too, thanks to the mild winter and dry spring. It has been a long time since I’ve seen such brown, dormant grass. No relief is in sight either. This definitely drives home the reality of global warming, doesn’t it?

I didn’t advertise it before but Alyce from At Home With Books was gracious enough to invite me to participate in her Best and Worst series. My post went live on Wednesday. Want to know how I feel about John Steinbeck? Check it out!

Reviewed this week:

I am going to go enjoy the brief respite in temperatures today. I also have to help the kids pack up everything that has been strewn about my parents’ house over the past six weeks. In other words, that is a day-long project. I hope everyone has a great week this week. Hopefully, the next TSS will have pictures of our new digs! Happy reading!

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