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Hello, mine Liebchen! I’m coming to you from my new iPad using my Zagg keyboard and even better, from my family room. This is the first weekend in a very, very long time where the entire family is together with no travel plans and no commuting. To say it has been wonderful may just be the understatement of the decade.

My second trip to Mexico was SO much better than my last trip. It turns out travelling with people who have been there before really is a good thing. The city I was visited this time was better too. San Luis Potosi caters to a lot of American companies, so my lack of Spanish was not quite the hindrance this time either. Granted, there were two very long travel days, as there is no easy way down there, but they have the cutest airport and direct flights from Dallas and from Houston. No two+ hours by car this time, thank goodness! I have to go back at the end of November, and this time I will have to drive around the city. Considering the fact that there is no discernible rules of the road, that should make for an interesting trip.

I have to say I have been having so much fun watching the Olympics. Seeing all those athletes at the peak of conditioning, moving their bodies in ways I will never be able is inspiring and thrilling. I thought Danny Boyle did a fantastic job with the opening ceremonies, even if NBC did a horrible job with their commentary and editing. I cannot wait to see the gymnastics, more swimming, soccer, volleyball, and everything else under the sun. Go Team USA!

Reviewed this week:

I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing and low-key Sunday. Happy reading!

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