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Good morning! I’m coming to you from the comfort of my sunny family room, typing between breaks of gazing out at my backyard. I ended up finishing the house within three days, which was my goal, but I was so sore and exhausted after finishing unpacking and cleaning that I just could not stomach the idea of jumping on the computer and writing. But I’m back! I may not have caught up on email and comments, but I have at least been posting again.

The house is gorgeous, and we are SO happy to be settled in it. There are still some little odd jobs that we need to finish, like putting up pictures and tackling the yardwork, which is not such a little job with all of the landscaping. Unfortunately, Jim is still commuting back and forth between Ohio and Wisconsin until the end of August, so most of his “honey do” list has to fit into his travel schedule. Yikes.

Speaking of travel schedules, I’m heading out for my first business trip with the new company. I’m heading back to Mexico, but this time I am not going alone – thank goodness. I am also flying directly into the final destination rather than having to endure a two-hour drive after the plane trip. I will also be two hours north of where I was the last time. I’ll be in San Luis Potosi until Wednesday morning. This is going to wreak even more havoc on being able to get caught up on email, but sometimes when the CFO and controller tell you that you have to go to Mexico every quarter, you go.

So, reviewed over the past two weeks:

That’s about it for me! I have to go finish packing and head out to the airport. Nothing like giving up my Sunday just to travel for business. I hope this trip is better than my last one, and I hope it goes by quickly. I really do not want to spend any more time in yet another hotel! I hope you all have a better Sunday than I will be having. Happy reading!
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