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Bonjour, mes amis! Another Sunday in Illinois. Tensions are definitely running high, and frustrations are setting in at our unfortunate and long-distance living arrangements. Thankfully, the end is in site as we finally have a set moving date! My parents have been a godsend throughout this endeavor, and I know we impinged on their summer plans. It is time for us to part ways and let them have their lives back. Besides, I want my kids and dogs with me. July 10th cannot come fast enough!

In order to get ready for the big day, the family spent some more time at the new house, thanks to the very gracious sellers, who not only opened up the house to us as we got estimates for painting but walked us through some of the added features we did not know existed. The more we see the house, and especially after speaking with the sellers today, we know the house comes into our hands in great condition, has been well-loved and well-maintained. With the plethora of bike trails in the area, we took advantage of some end-of-quarter sales at a local bike shop and purchased new bikes for the entire family. I can see many a long family bike ride in the future. We also purchased some much-needed new bedroom furniture for Jim and me. After 15 years and 10 moves, it was time to downgrade our previous furniture set to our new guest bedroom. Everything is coming together so nicely. I honestly cannot wait to get my hands dirty on those moving boxes and work my unpacking magic!

Jen from Devourer of Books did an amazing job with Audiobook Week this year, don’t you think? Even more amazing, she hosted this annual event in her last few weeks of pregnancy with twins. Congratulations, Jen, on another great year! In case you missed all the audiobook goodness the first time around:

Reviewed this week – you may notice a theme here:

One more week of living apart from the children and dogs. I’m almost giddy with anticipation, and I still have to get through month-end and quarter-end close this week! In fact, Jim and I are both heading to our respective hotels later today in order to prepare ourselves for that mental drain, since he now gets the pleasure of experiencing that too with his new job. This means that I need to go spend as much time as possible with the kids. I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat. Have a great Sunday. Happy reading!

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