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Guten Morgen, meine Freunden! This is the last day before Armchair BEA. We have so much planned this year that even those of us planning and running the event behind the scenes are finding it difficult to keep track of it all. With four of our team members going to the actual event in New York City this year, there are going to be even more updates from the floor and even some special surprises. Are you ready?

Week one of the new job is done and gone. I am still reserving judgment on the position itself. The company is small, which can be both positive and negative. More importantly, the people are friendly, as almost everyone in the state of Wisconsin is. Do I see myself staying there long-term? It is too soon to say.  I can safely say that finding new BFFs on the job will not happen, as I seem to be the only female under the age of 40 in the entire company. My friends from my last job are going to be sorely missed.

On the house front, I made a big announcement on this week’s Fabulous Friday. As for buying a house, that was a big bust. The owners of the house on which we made an offer last Sunday took over 48 hours to counter, and they made it very clear they were not willing to compromise. We were back to square one as of Friday. We did make another offer on a different house. We are currently waiting to hear back on our final counteroffer. Hopefully, we can put this to bed sooner rather than later and concentrate on finding all of the new doctors, dentists, daycare, and all the other things we need to get settled. It would be nice to not feel quite so homeless.

Reviewed this week:

This coming week will be mostly Armchair BEA goodness. I will be returning to my regular programming next Sunday. In the meantime, have a great Sunday and enjoy your upcoming week. Happy reading!
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