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Guten Morgen, meine beliebten Leser! I’m back and somewhat recovered from all the Armchair BEA antics. The post-event survey is still open if you participated and want to provide feedback. We have already started discussing ideas for next year and cannot wait to see your comments!

Last Wednesday, Jim and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. I say celebrate in the loosest sense because we weren’t together, but I did think about him all day long. We actually celebrated our anniversary last Friday with a night in Madison, Wisconsin at a hotel that was on Capitol Square and dinner at one of the best restaurants we have ever experienced. I think it was the first time since I left Ohio where I actually felt like I was home. Saturday morning we walked across the street and hit the farmer’s market. It is probably a good thing we are in between domiciles right now because I could have bought out the stands with the gorgeous fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers, not to mention the cheeses and meats. I cannot wait to get back there!

I also made sure that I hit one of the local bookstores in the area, A Room of One’s Own. A feminist bookstore, I was very impressed with its wide selection of books across all genres. It was well-organized, spacious, and very welcoming. They are actually in the process of moving locations, so I cannot wait to see it once they are settled at their new site. I left my business card with one of the owners and discussed the possibility of partnering with them on certain events. We shall see how it goes!

Did you hear the good news? We bought a house! We still don’t have a closing date yet, but the house made it through the inspection with flying colors. We are hoping to close either July 6th or July 9th. It cannot come soon enough.

I have three full weeks under my belt now at my new job. I think I am finally feeling comfortable enough to start asking questions and digging deeper into what my role is. I cannot say that I am thoroughly impressed with what little I have been doing to date – I like spreadsheets and balancing accounts but staring at spreadsheets all day long is a bit too much for even me. I feel the urge to start making a difference, which is a good thing. I hope that my new-found comfort levels will help me enjoy the job a bit more than I have. It has been a long three weeks.

Of course, staying in cheap hotels for weeks at a time is no way to live one’s life, especially when your family is spread out across three different states. I know that has taken its toll on my overall happiness right now and not helping my attitude about work. I hit my low point this week when I was came upon a fatal one-car accident right after it occurred, literally as the police were also arriving on the scene. The dead body was still lying on the road. I hope to never witness anything like that again. It did help put things into perspective for me though, as well as enforced the idea of always wearing my seatbelt. I still have my health, a job, a great family, and soon enough, a wonderful house. I cannot complain too loudly or too much!

Reviewed this week:

Glücklichen Vatertag! I hope all of you fathers out there have a wonderful day. Speaking of fathers, I need to go shower some attention onto the father of my children since we are all together for the weekend. Have a great Sunday, everyone. Happy reading!

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