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Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Find reviews? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

Discovering great audiobook titles is a lot like discovering great books in print. I rely heavily on word of mouth from my favorite bloggers. Just like printed books, the popular audiobooks generate buzz, and that buzz is usually what piques my interest in adding it to my audiobook wish list. I will do the same for books in print that generate buzz, especially if a publisher approaches me about listening to the audio version of a popular novel. Many of my review audiobook copies came to me because I had heard a lot of positive buzz about a novel that was just released in hardback.

If I am unsure of an audiobook, I will jump onto Audiobook Jukebox and check to see what others have said about a novel. This is a great site that collates all of the audiobook reviews across the web and makes them easily accessible for anyone looking for opinions specifically on audiobooks. The list of audiobooks reviewed increases every single day, so I know that the likelihood of me finding at least one other person who has listened to a book is great. There really is no need to look elsewhere for reviews.

As for buying audiobooks, I may be adverse to Amazon, but I’ll admit to a bit of hypocrisy because I buy my audiobooks solely from Audible. The cost savings from Audible versus iTunes or any other full-priced site is just too great to ignore. Audiobooks are just too darn expensive! Besides, Audible allows me to take my audiobooks with me wherever I am without the hassle of having to download the files to an MP3 player. I share my Audible account with my husband, who uses it for his own commute. The convenience and prices override most of the guilt I feel about catering to Amazon and their evil ways.

What about you? Where do you purchase audiobooks? Is there a site that is just as inexpensive as Audible without ties to the evil giant? How do you find out about great audiobook titles?

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