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Long-term readers will know I am passionate about the idea of blogging “rules”. I do not and feel like that term is such a misnomer, implying that there is a wrong way and a correct way to blog. I do this term “tips” though; it has a much friendlier, more accepting feel to it, doesn’t it? After all, blogging is all about being friendly and accepting – or not as the case may be. It is YOUR blog after all; unless you are one of the relatively few who are actually making money from blogging, you can do whatever you want on your blog. It is completely up to you.

That being said, having done this for over three years now, there are some suggestions I can make that will help improve your overall blogging experience. The most important of these is to write what you want when you want. Do not feel obligated to post every day just because others do so. If you want to cuss, discuss naughty topics, criticize the world, post only pictures of cats dressed up in clothes, rant and rave about your significant other, etc., go for it. Your subject matter and the timing of your posts are yours and yours alone. In other words, you can look at what other bloggers do, but if it does not feel right then do not do it. Ultimately, you will enjoy blogging so much more if you are doing what want.

In that same vein, if you follow my previous suggestion, please be prepared for consequences. The Interwebz can be very cruel. There is something about the relative anonymity of it all that seems to remove people’s inhibitions when it comes to making rude and completely inappropriate comments. They can be shocking and cruel and absolutely devastating. Just be warned that even something you feel is innocuous can incite some of the worst commenting behavior you will ever witness. It helps to realize that people are inherently stupid and that a) you will never meet these people, b) you are a thousand times more intelligent than they are, and c) people suck.

My last suggestion is something that has been discussed more often lately as the blogger drama seems to be increasing. I am a HUGE proponent of social media and encourage everyone to try out Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and anything else that may exist out there. They truly are awesome and life-changing. However, my suggestion is that before you react to anything you see on any one of those sites please take the time to get the full story. More importantly, get the full story from an accredited source rather than from word-of-mouth. 140 characters cannot give you all of the nuances and details of a story, which are incidentally the bits that people tend to omit sharing. So much of the incessant drama would be alleviated by listening and learning as much as possible before sharing or speaking. Look, listen, learn. Once you have the full story, then go forward and rant and rave if you want, but I suggest you become as fully informed as possible before you do so. Not only will you save yourself and others a lot of drama, you will be more prepared to handle the stupid people who may leave nasty comments on your blog.

That’s it! Three simple suggestions (not rules) for you to heed or ignore as you desire. They are tips I had to learn the hard way over the past three years. I know there are a ton of other great tips out there today over at Armchair BEA HQ. Go forth, check them out, and enjoy blogging

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