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Guten Abend, meine Liebchen! It’s been a weekend, as you can see by the fact that I am writing this right before I go to bed. In fact, this whole week has been insanely crazy, but what I have learned to expect this year. An open house, one showing, piano, track, ballet – it’s all the usual, you know?

Nothing new on the work front. More people gave their two-week notice. I was informed that my notice that I was no longer interested in working for my new company long-term did not change their mind about keeping me around until the bitter end. As of right now, I will be there until they lock the doors for the last time and turn out the lights. Ugh.

Did you see my news? I spilled it on this week’s Fabulous Friday.

Reviewed this week:

For being so busy, there is not a lot I can share or which would interest you, so that’s about it for me. My birthday is coming up this Tuesday, so I’m sure I’ll have more to share next week. Have a great week, everyone. Happy reading!
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