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Guten Abend, meine Freunden! I apologize for the lateness of this post. The family and I were busy looking at houses in Wisconsin in an effort to find our next house. Twelve houses and five hours later, I think we found it. We will put in an offer tomorrow and hope for the best!

Last week, it seems that my comments regarding the family’s future living situation caused confusion among my readers, for which I apologize. Please let me clarify. On Friday, Holly, Connor, and I officially left Ohio for the last time. My parents, who live in Illinois, are graciously taking care of the kids (and the dogs) until we can move into our next house. Jim will be commuting back and forth, as he is still needed at his old job in Cincinnati until October. He will be closing down the Ohio house, supervising the movers, canceling utilities and the like, eventually moving into a hotel, on the company’s dime of course. In the meantime, I start my new job on Tuesday. I will be living in a hotel in Wisconsin, on my own dime, checking out each Friday and heading to Illinois each weekend to see the kids and take a break from hotel living. Jim will also be driving to Illinois each weekend for mini-reunions. It is not an ideal situation, but we know it is temporary. What sucks the most is that we will be apart for our fifteenth wedding anniversary next month, and our decades-long plan of seeing Ireland for our anniversary present is shot to hell because of all this.  We have handled much longer separations in very different circumstances, so the next month will be just a small blip on the radar soon enough.

Reviewed last week:

I apologize for the brevity of this post, but my brain is absolute mush after seeing so many houses and weighing the pros and cons of each of them. I think a cold beer, or three, are definitely what the doctor ordered. Have a great remaining Sunday and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Happy reading!
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