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Guten Morgen, meine Liebchen! I’m coming to you today live from Illinois. We came up to help my parents. Since they are graciously watching our dogs for us while the house is (still) for sale, the least we could do is help them out when they need it, which means house/dog sitting for them as they head out of town to celebrate my uncle’s retirement. We also took advantage of being relatively close to our desired location and saw about eight different houses. Since our house does not seem to be moving off the real estate market any time soon, there is no immediate rush, but we wanted to physically see some of the houses we have been stalking online for several months now. We did not find The One yet, but we were at least able to narrow down the list. Now, if someone would PLEASE buy our house!

This past week was not as relaxing as I had hoped it would be. Don’t get me wrong; it was a little slice of heaven not to have to get up at the butt crack of dawn and head into any type of office. However, I made the mistake of creating a to-do list and then felt obligated to cross everything off of the list. I haven’t even read as much as I expected I would. I am definitely not going to make that same mistake this upcoming week. I want to make sure I get in as much relaxation time as possible before I become a working woman again.

Speaking of working, this will be my last TSS where my mailing address is still in Ohio. This pending Friday, I will be leaving Ohio for what will most likely be the last time and heading back to Illinois. (My parents’ house seems to be the staging point for this move.) I have to sign my short-term lease to a fully-furnished apartment in Janesville, Wisconsin on Saturday and will say good-bye to the kids and husband on Memorial Day. The plan is to meet each weekend at my parents’ house, so at least the family is together for a few days each month. I was lucky enough to find a short-term lease (three months) for a furnished apartment that was relatively affordable (it is still the cost of another mortgage payment each month), but I would love to be able to break the lease in a few weeks’ time. It will be worth the loss of money to be done with this entire moving scenario and get the family situated in one location again.

Reviewed this week:

That’s about it for me. The dogs are getting feisty, and the kids are dragging their feet about packing up their stuff to head back home for one last week of school. Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday. Happy reading!
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