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Guten Morgen, meine Liebchen! More importantly, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there. I hope your loved ones spoil you rotten for all that you have done and continue to do for them!

Image: Lily of the Valley Bouquet
My gift to mothers everywhere. One whiff of these Lily of the Valley and you will know why they are my all-time favorite flower. Too bad they are too expensive to purchase in a store and are so fragile to grow.

Did you see my Fabulous Friday post? I’m still dancing around because of it. The reason why I made that announcement is that I was offered and accepted a position this past Monday. Knowing how stressed and negative I have been lately, I knew I needed some time to decompress and get myself back into a more positive mindset. So, thanks to a large amount of leftover vacation that I was never able to take, I am taking the next two weeks off to sleep, read, and relax. I will also need to pack, as I start my new position on Tuesday, May 29th. Since the house is still for sale, I will be renting an apartment in Madison for at least a month, which means divvying up some of the household goods for me to use in my new digs. Now that the job situation is settled, I can only hope and pray this living arrangement will be the shortest of short-term arrangements.

Thank you to everyone who remained patient while I kvetched and lamented about my awful work environment. It has been going on for so long, that I know it was tiring for everyone. Thank you for all of the love and support. You guys brightened my week every week, and I seriously do not think I could have gotten through this experience without you all. Here’s to sticking with me through thick and thin and a much brighter and more positive future!

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Reviewed this week:

As we are currently in Pittsburgh visiting Jim’s extended family one last time before we move farther away, I probably should go and be social. I hope everyone has a relaxing and wonderful Sunday. Happy reading!
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