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Guten Morgen, meine Liebchen! I type this from sunny Kingwood, Texas. Actually, it would be sunny if it weren’t for all the damn trees. The town motto is “The Livable Forest”, and after visiting here off and on over the past eighteen years, I have long since decided that I never want to live in the forest. Being surrounded by trees is not my forte. All of the streets in this town are completely overshadowed by loblorry pines. There is something unnatural about all of these trees hiding the stores and houses.

It took us almost nineteen hours to get down here starting Thursday night. We had the dogs in their crate, the kids in the backseat, a trailer with two bins full of everything we need this week. It was a LONG trip, made longer by the horrible drivers that are ubiquitous these days – a cop tailgating and getting angry at Jim for going the speed limit, drivers going slower than the speed minimum on the highways, last-minute merging, construction, and traffic. The trip was made completely worth it by the sight of a couple pushing a stroller, a stroller containing a cat. We saw the same couple over two hours later still walking their cat, but this time it was on a leash. So worth the drive.

Yesterday was the last official day of our juice fast. As I type this, we have not yet had our final weigh-ins so I do not know our final weight loss totals. At the last weigh-in, Jim had lost over 35 pounds, and I am closing in on 25 pounds lost in 40 days. I’ll be posting our “after” pictures on Tumblr later today.

Still no offers. Jim has it on good authority that we will be given our offers on the Monday or Tuesday after we get back into the office. I’m not holding my breath or anything. After this past week, which saw the official announcement that they were selling one manufacturing site and “were assessing” whether to close down or sell the other two in the area, in addition to the sudden and painful departure of the nicest, most well-respected chemist in the entire organization after he expressed his opinions about the acquisition, my feelings about my new company are decidedly unfriendly at the moment.

On the blog, this week I reviewed the following:

I also gave some quarterly stats on my reading progress. I found them interesting, even if others might not.

For now, I am going to enjoy something other than salad or juice. I have no idea what my “first meal” is going to be but I do know that it will be a fairly small portion because my stomach is definitely smaller than it used to be. That is always a good thing. Have a great Sunday, everyone. Happy reading!

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