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I feel like a broken record, but it has been yet another hectic/stressful week at the Shannon household. I am SO ready for all of this to be over and our lives to settle down again. Unfortunately, I feel that we haven’t even begun to experience stress.

Let’s start with the good. Connor had another recital last Sunday. This was in in preparation for next Saturday’s competition.  I always love hearing him play something that he vowed he would never be able to play, which is pretty much always the case. As always, he did a wonderful job, even if his facial expressions and body language say otherwise.

Jim ended up heading to Houston for an unexpected trip to his family this week. His father has a dementia disorder that took a turn for the worse two weeks ago. His entire family came together this week to look for the best assisted care facility while his dad was being evaluated yet again in a hospital. I know this has been a difficult few years for the entire family. All I can do is be there with the proverbial shoulder and keep things running back home.

As for work, it is exceedingly frustrated to be told that not only do I have to compete for jobs at headquarters, they don’t have a full list of open positions and have no idea which unposted positions would be a good fit. I ended the week with my official severance paperwork, which we are calling Plan B. There is a plan to get both Jim and me to Beloit for an entire series of informal interviews with potential managers and peers, but there has been no definitive word yet on whether this trip is actually a go. I’d feel a lot better if we had something concrete planned because then I would feel like we are making some progress. Instead, I feel like we are still in limbo. We have been in limbo for too long.

Enough about that. Reviewed this week were the following:

We were thankfully spared from Friday night’s horrible storms as they all hit east, south, and west of us. My heart goes out to all those who were not spared. Storms of that strength are virtually unheard of this area. It appears that the crazy winter weather is not yet over.

That’s about it for me here! I have a busy day of cleaning the house to prepare for Jim’s homecoming tonight. I’m ready to get all my family in one place again before the work week starts up again. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Happy reading!


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