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Hello, meine Liebchen! It’s been a musical week at the Shannon household. Not only did we have a band concert on Monday, Connor had a piano competition on Saturday. We are still waiting for results, but based on what we heard from behind closed doors, he did really well.

Honestly, there is really nothing else going on. Our lives remain on hold until Kerry can get its act together and figure out when Jim and I will be going up to Beloit for interviews. For some inexplicable reason, they want to send us both up at the same time, even though we are interviewing with completely different people. The chances of getting twelve upper managers in the same building at the same time and making it conducive to our schedule is proving impossible, and yet they are still doing it. Go figure.

On the blog, here’s what I reviewed this week:

That’s about it for me this week. Armchair BEA planning is underway, and I have plenty to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! 


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