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It’s Super Bowl Sunday! While I’m not interested in any of the teams actually playing, I was able to see the oh-so-amazing trailer for The Hunger Games. Is it just me or does this movie look amazing? I really hope the commercials are better this year than they have in the past few years or so.

18 years ago, Jim and I went on our first date. We went out for Mexican food at some restaurant in Chicago that neither one of us can remember and then saw Jim Carrey perform stand-up. It was a great first date and the perfect beginning to our relationship – a little bit spicy, slightly goofy, a whole lot of funny and totally enjoyable. Love ya, babe!

It was a relatively quiet week this week. Holly had a big week with a sleepover held at our house on Friday night and then yet another birthday party on Saturday night. This makes three parties in four weeks. She has yet another one next Saturday too. I love that she has so many friends, but this is getting to be expensive!

Reviewed this week:

It’s game time! I’ll be using this time to catch up on blogging, paperwork, watching the game and reading. I hope you enjoy the game. Happy Sunday and, for those of you who do not like football, happy reading!


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