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Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. My parents are in town, and I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow (since my daycare has decided to celebrate Presidents’ Day by taking the day off too). We’ll be taking everyone to one of the museums downtown later today – we haven’t decided which one yet, but the kids are really looking forward to it. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon…outside of reading that is.

For those who wished Connor well on his little bet, the well wishes were much appreciated. Unfortunately, he lasted five days. Now, to be fair, we decided that he’ll get the chance to try again in March. It was definitely an eye-opener for him, especially as he had a tendency to focus on the bigger, weekly chores instead of the smaller, daily ones that were the point of the exercise. We’ll see next month if the lesson was learned.

Well, it’s been an exciting few weeks in the family, both immediate and extended. Two weekends ago, my parents came home after a weekend away to find that they had been robbed. All TVs, computers, jewelry, gift cards, and some other odds and ends were all gone. Thankfully, no one was in the house, not even the dogs. The robbers did not even destroy or damage the house. While my parents are understandably shaken with a horrible feeling of being violated, they took only things. The entire situation could have been so much worse. As terrible as it is, we have to count our blessings. Things can be replaced; life cannot.

The town of Monroe, Ohio is in a bit of an uproar lately. It turns out that the former treasurer of the school board opted to use the funds from the building fund to pay for general expenses rather than let the board and the community know that the schools have been operating in a deficit. In order to pay the building fund, cover all expenses and the loans the district had to take out to pay payroll, the district needs to raise over $4.4 million before June. It’s an absolute mess. As of right now, the district is officially under a state fiscal watch, although the district needs to vote to move to a fiscal emergency before the end of March. This means the state would then implement a committee to find a way to make additional cuts, more than the $2.2 million that have already been cut, and raise the $4.4 million that the state would loan the district but would need to reimburse them. The cuts that have been made are absolutely heartbreaking, so much so that I’ve volunteered to become part of the finance sub-committee. I’m afraid that I have committed myself to a second job, especially since the finances are still being straightened out and the true damage has yet to be calculated. If anyone has any ideas on how a community of approximately 12,000 can raise that much money quickly, I am all ears.

Since I didn’t share the list last week, here’s the list of everything that has been reviewed over the past few weeks:

With that, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day and capitalize on the day off tomorrow. Have a great Sunday. Happy reading!


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