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Book Cover Image: Lunatics by Dave Barry Title: Lunatics
Authors: Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel
Narrators: Dave Barry, Alan Zweibel, Mark Thompson, Sean Kenin, Orlagh Cassidy
ISBN: 9781611760576
Audiobook Length: 7 hours, 3 minutes

“One of them is a bestselling Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist. The other is a winner of the Thurber Prize for American Humor. Together, they form the League of Comic Justice, battling evildoers in the name of . . . Okay, we made that line up. What they do form is a writing team of pure comic genius, and they will have you laughing like idiots.

Philip Horkman is a happy man-the owner of a pet store called The Wine Shop, and on Sundays a referee for kids’ soccer. Jeffrey Peckerman is the sole sane person in a world filled with goddamned jerks and morons, and he’s having a really bad day. The two of them are about to collide in a swiftly escalating series of events that will send them running for their lives, pursued by the police, soldiers, terrorists, subversives, bears, and a man dressed as Chuck E. Cheese.

Where that all takes them you can’t begin to guess, but the literary journey there is a masterpiece of inspiration and mayhem. But what else would you expect from the League of Comic Justice?”

Thoughts: Philip Horkman and Jeffrey Peckerman never imagined the wild ride their lives would become after a girls’ soccer game on fateful Sunday. As opposite as two people could be, they are forced together into the most bizarre situations, having to rely on the other in order to survive. The resulting story, Lunatics, is as entertaining as it is improbable. Better yet, it is made even more entertaining because of its improbability.

As the authors, Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel work well together. Each brings his own unique brand of humor to the story, creating two very distinct characters that feed off of their differences. The story is told from the two differing perspectives, creating distinct separations in tone and mood. The differences in storytelling, and perspectives, make Lunatics an absolute delight as the reader gets the pleasure of discerning the truth behind the two narratives while enjoying the banter between them.

As narrators, Dave Berry and Alan Zweibel are absolute perfect. Each embodies his character with the ideal amount of sarcasm or earnestness, crassness or patience, as required. Because they best know the comedic moments, the audio performance is even more hilarious than just reading the book. Truly, the sound effects – the mimicking of Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, and various reporters around the globe as well as the various sound effects made by Peckerman – can only be appreciated on audio and do nothing but enhance the overall experience.

Lunatics lives up to the hype by being one of the funniest and goofiest novels in a long time. Peckerman and Horkman are a modern-day Odd Couple with a great repartee that boosts the wickedly funny narrative. Due to the coarse language and some graphic frat-humor scenes, it may not be for everyone; those who are not bothered by that however will find themselves hard-pressed to not laugh out loud multiple times either while reading or listening to it. Lunatics is a great way to wind down in the evenings or get away from the stress and idiocy of a typical work day.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Penguin Audio for my review copy!


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