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Image: Basset Puppy
Tallulah at 4 months
    Image: Family Christmas Photo
    My extended family
  1. Read
  2. Gorged myself Ate lots of wonderful food
  3. Relished the unseasonably warm weather
  4. Read
  5. Visited my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Wisconsin
  6. Visited my parents, brother and his family in Illinois
  7. Took my first vacation from work in almost two years
  8. Read
  9. Reorganized my entire office
  10. Reorganized the basement
  11. Reorganized my bookshelves
  12. Read
  13. Completed all of my CPE requirements for the year
  14. Enjoyed not being at work
  15. Played with the dogs and kids
  16. Read
  17. Baked
  18. Cooked
  19. Cleaned
  20. Read
  21. Shopped
  22. Dropped off multiple donations to Goodwill and the local library
  23. Watched a LOT of football
  24. Didn’t blog, didn’t open my computer, and didn’t feel guilty


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