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Meine beliebte Lesern, hello! It’s been an exciting week here in Shannon Teach and on the blog.

We started out the week with a special honor for Holly as she was hand-selected to help show our local school board how they have used Skype in the classrooms. She was so excited to be a part of this display and made sure she was dressed up appropriately – even if the other kids also selected were not. She did a fabulous job, being one of the only students to have memorized her lines and speak loudly and clearly. Who knew my baby was such star material?

If the economy is still struggling, one would never know it as seen by the difficulties we had buying our latest vehicle this week. Jim had ordered it a few weeks ago from the factory. While waiting for delivery, he was repeatedly frustrated at the lack of communication from the dealership. He would call with questions, and they would never respond. He would e-mail and would be met with radio silence. Even on the day of scheduled delivery, they never bothered to call him to let him know there was a delay. It took repeated phone calls and text messages to pry this information out of the salesperson. The last straw came when they sent an e-mail to Jim canceling the order because they “knew he was not satisfied” and “did not want to do business with someone who could not appreciate their efforts”. WTH? Needless to say, Jim went into the dealership the next day and opened up a can to their general manager. We did receive the car, but I suspect it will be a long time before we go back to that dealership for anything.

I love when I get the chance to incorporate life lessons into one of the kids’ homework assignments. Connor’s main assignment this week was about the art of negotiation. He was to negotiate with us for something he wanted. The something turned out to be a new laptop. What we negotiated is a month-long test where he would have to do all of his chores without being told – no constantly having to remind him to fold clothes or clear off the table. If he could last 30 days, we would gladly get him a new laptop. You have to understand that this is the same boy who cannot remember to turn in homework assignments and cannot stay on task for longer than five minutes. Jim and I are fairly certain that he will never make the full month; in fact, I give him a week. If he proves us wrong, then it is a win-win for both parties. If he fails, he’s learned that you can negotiate, but it does not always mean you will get what you want. This little lesson started today. By 9:30 AM, he had already taken it upon himself to get up with the dogs, feed them and brush them, mop the floors, clean the basement, and surprise us with breakfast. I think I’m going to enjoy this lesson!

I celebrated my third blogiversary this week. I’ve been doing this longer than I lived in some states when Jim was in the military. It is insane how time flies when you are having a blast. On a similar vein, this is my 1,000th post! That is an astonishing number. I used to see other bloggers celebrate this milestone and think that I would never get there. It just goes to show you to never say never.

Because I was busy celebrating my blogiversary, I only reviewed two books this week, but they were good ones:

I don’t know about you but I can actually see the sun today. I am going to enjoy it while I can. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Happy reading!


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