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Damn Packers. I was so worried that their bye week would be detrimental. It turns out I was right. Now I’m left scrambling to find a new team to root for during the remainder of the football season. I still love football, but it just isn’t the same when your team is out of contention.

It is the middle of January, and we finally received our first real winter storm of the season. It’s unfortunate it decided to hit on a Friday night and bring nothing but a decent layer of ice rather than any snow. Better luck next time!

No more puppy teeth! This may seem trivial but seriously, to not have to deal with those needle-sharp teeth anymore is a blessing and deserving of a celebration.

Holly is being honored tomorrow evening by being one of two students in her class to demonstrate Skype to the local school board. She says she is nervous, but I think she’s excited too. All she can talk about is her presentation. We’ll be there for moral support, but I know she is going to be just fine. She adores her teacher and will do almost anything to make her proud. In situations like this, that is a good thing.

Reviewed this week:

I don’t know about you but an ice storm screams chili. I need to go start a pot. Have a great Sunday, everyone! Happy reading!


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