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Guten morning! How is everyone this lovely, or not-so-lovely depending on where you live, Sunday?

This week started with a bang as I found out I have a new boss. This is a very good thing, as problems with my now-former boss escalated drastically before the holidays, making a bad situation untenable. While I suspect that this newest arrangement is temporary, it is definitely a step in the right direction. Now, if I can only get the higher-ups to make decisions rather than leaving them to people completely incapable or unable to make them.

Dare I say it, but I think we finally have a healthy household. We’ve gone one whole week without visits to doctors, calling in sick, or coughing all night long. Now that we finally have a few days of frigid temperatures. I hope that it is enough to kill off the rampant molds that have been growing thanks to the record rainfall this year. It would be nice to get Holly and me off of the allergy meds for a little bit this year.

How many people actually have offices that close for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? What is truly frustrating is the fact that not only are the schools closed, but my daycare decided to close as well. What is a working parent to do when the office stays open on federal holidays but everything else doesn’t? More importantly, why don’t more companies close for federal holidays anymore?

Other than that, things have been quiet in the Shannon household, which is always a good thing. We don’t need hectic right now, as we’ve had too much of that in recent months.

Did you check out my reviews this week?

What do you think of the two Fabulous Friday posts I’ve done so far? I’m thinking of making them a new series as a way to remind me of what is truly important and vocalize a reason to celebrate life every week. Are you interested?

For those who were asking about what I’ve read this week, I mentioned I was getting back into the meme game.  Last week I started participating in What Are you Reading? and like being part of a larger group again. It’s silly but rather fun and a great way to help me stay organized.  I will continue to link back to reviews posted during the week on Sundays but will be sharing my recent reads on Mondays, for now. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks or months!

Now, it is time for me to get ready for some football; I love the playoffs! For those of you who are not fans, have a wonderfully relaxing day. Happy reading!


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