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Three years ago, I had this crazy idea to start a blog. I blame my book club friends (Christina and Stephanie, I’m looking at you); they were raving about this new methodology and the connections they were making. Of course, when I look back on it, I still do not know why I did it. I mean, I was still in the process of working towards my MBA. It wasn’t as if I had time to do this. Heck, I didn’t even know what blogging really was when I first started. How is that for naive?

What I received from this exercise in naivety and grandiosity is more than I can put into words, which is ironic in that I have become quite skilled at putting the impossible into words over the past three years. I can think of no better lesson in learning how to take chances, to step outside one’s comfort zone, and to do what one loves to do. Putting one’s innermost thoughts down in such a public forum takes courage, something I never thought I had. Similarly, talking with publishers and requesting books from anyone in the publishing business requires a level of confidence I know I never had. My younger self would never recognize the woman I have become today. I owe a lot of that to reviewing.

I know we all start these websites for ourselves, to get our thoughts out of our heads and out into the public, and that we would continue to do so even if no one read our words, but just know that my love for my readers keeps me going even when I may not feel motivated. After three years, I write for you guys as much as I write for myself and the growth opportunities. Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of being part of such an amazing community of free spirits and free thinkers, of those who are not afraid to question the status quo, and who continually strive to improve literacy and promote reading throughout the globe.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on this crazy journey of mine. You have seen me through highs and lows, both personally and professionally. You have remained patient through my love of all things Twilight and my ongoing fascination with anything vampiric. You have cheered on my family and become like family yourselves. I love you guys!


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