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The beauty about vacations of any kind is that they give one plenty of time for reflection. Sometimes, what one discovers may not be the most pleasant, but isn’t that how one grows as a person?

I chose Option B in 2011. No more.

2011 was not the best year for me professionally, and that trickled down into every single aspect of my life. In the end, I lost myself. Those facets of my personality which define me were drowned in my unhappiness at work. My work suffered, my house suffered, my family suffered, and I suffered. I am thirty pounds overweight, out of shape, and still struggling to recover from the bronchitis that felled me in December. I turn 36 in 2012. I cannot stay like this, not if I hope to present a good example to my children on healthy living.

I kept commenting all year about how quickly time was passing. One of the things I realized these past few weeks is that time was only flying because my head was buried deeply into work. I can honestly say that I missed most of the year because I was never, ever truly present in any moment. This lack of presence even migrated into this blog. Looking back at posts over the year, That’s What She Read became too business-like. I realize now that all reviews and no fun posts make Michelle a dull blogger.  I became so focused on review copies that I started looking at them as work assignments rather than as a pastime. This is not who I am and this is not why I started blogging.  Let me just say that it is a truly horrible way to live one’s life.

These past two weeks have been so important for me. I have been able to take a hard look in the mirror, and I do not like what I see. I see someone who needs to reconnect with her likes and dislikes and take back all aspects of her life. It’s time to stop working 10+ hours every day and get back to the gym. It’s time to spend time focusing on my family and not obsessing about the office. It’s time to inject more of my personality back into this website and stop concentrating on reviews only. It’s time to cook more, exercise more, relax more, and live more. I’m ready. Are you?


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