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Which way to go?

Trust me – it is not as drastic as it sounds.

As you can probably tell from my posts this week, I did a lot of thinking over the Christmas holidays on how I want to continue writing and reviewing. While I still love to blog, it has felt a bit too impersonal and business-like for the past few months. This is due in part to my desire to be taken seriously by publishers, editors, and authors as a legitimate reviewer; I still harbor that dream of writing and/or editing for a living, especially in light of my current professional crises. It is also due in large part to the fact that I was going through the motions. Too stressed out at work? Write a review. Too busy with kids’ activities? Write a review. Reviews, for me, are easy and fairly quick exercises. The extra posts, those that allow me to share more about myself, are the ones that take me a long time to formulate, so I stopped writing them. In the process, I lost what made me unique in the ever-growing world of book reviewers.

This year, I want to bring back the love and craziness. I want to share with you more than my love of books. I want you to get to know me even better than you might already do. More importantly, I do not want to be dictated by review copies. The number of review copies that I will be requesting or accepting is going to drastically decrease in 2012. I have well over 500 books on my shelves that are waiting to be read; not having review copies is not going to be an issue.

I am also bringing back reading challenges and memes. Reading challenges add a level of diversity and creativity I feel was missing last year, and memes can be fun, interesting and welcome breaks from reviews all the time. Life can be too serious and stressful enough without having to maintain that level of seriousness on a website.

Don’t get me wrong; my reviews will still be professional and fair, and I will continue to review everything I read. While I still want to be considered one of the “big bloggers” and would love to continue to work towards an editing or writing job, I realize that it requires a level of time and energy that I just do not have to give right now. I am still going to foster those important professional relationships in the book world. In my dreams, I get that coveted paid job as an editor or writer who works from home based solely on social media interactions and my writing here. Until that happens, this site is still a hobby. I need to remember this.

See? Nothing too drastic. This is just a refocusing of my priorities as I take back my life from my hellish work situation and regain my confidence that made 2010 such an amazing year. We all deserve that.


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