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This time of year, everyone is putting forth their resolutions to improve themselves. Invariably, these resolutions fall by the wayside as real life gets in the way or as people realize just how difficult it is to change. Normally, I am not a huge proponent of such yearly resolutions, as I am a big believer in trying to improve oneself throughout the year. Why wait for the change of a calendar?

Then again, 2011 was not a good year. Nothing horrible in the traditional sense happened. No one died. We have good jobs. We are able to pay our bills with no problems. We remain happily married. At the same time, my job remains my biggest bone of contention, to the point where I came close to quitting. While we have nothing life-threatening, my entire family has not been entirely healthy for almost three months now. I’ve gained weight and am now at my heaviest non-pregnancy weight ever. Heck, I took a blogging break for the first time ever – the person who swore that such things were unnecessary as long as one followed certain guidelines to prevent burnout. I can finally admit that I am unhappy, which means things need to change.

Are resolutions the answer though? I feel as if New Year’s resolutions are somewhat of a joke because everyone knows that people will drop them before the end of the first quarter. We all have things we want to change, but what makes New Year’s resolutions so special? Is there something that is more effective and successful in helping people make much-needed lifestyle changes without the added pressure?

As I struggle with the decision to formally list resolutions for the year, I am curious what others think. Are you making resolutions this new year? Why? Do you go public with your resolutions or keep them private? Why? How successful do you think you will be, if you are truly honest with yourself? Are such declarations worth it? Please share your thoughts with me!


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