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For all of those who have heard me bemoaning the pending sale at work, I am happy to report that the sale is now final. Now, we can finally get some answers. Sure, there is the chance of being let go or having to relocate, but at least we can move forward. Anything is better than the black hole that was the  lack of information over the past few months.

We couldn’t call ourselves Wisconsin fans without heading to Indianapolis last night to cheer them on for the Big Ten Championship. We took the kids for their first college football game ever; good choice, eh? The game was an absolute blast. We lost our voices and got back to the house closer to dawn than midnight, but it was well worth every minute. The kids made signs, danced along with the Wisconsin Marching Band, cheered and screamed almost as loud as Jim and me, and were thoroughly impressed. The fact that the Badgers are now on their way to the Rose Bowl game made it even better!

My Mexico Trip is done and gone. It was definitely an experience. For the near future, I am going to relish being back home.

Books reviewed this week:

After the craziness of the holiday weekend, this past week, and then last night, we all need to take it easy today. Everyone is still struggling with being sick too, making rest even more important. Have a great Sunday, everyone. Happy reading!


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