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Hi-dee ho, dear reader! Wouldn’t you know? After four weeks of taking care of everyone else in the family with coughs, fevers, sore throats, and the like, I finally succumb to the same crud as everyone else. Without a fever, mine has the added bonus of laryngitis and a wracking cough every time I do try to talk. It’s been an interesting weekend, as I’ve done my best to quarantine myself from the rest of the family in an effort to stop the sickness from being passed along yet again.

I suspect that this has been brewing for a while, as I’ve been all but falling asleep on the way into work and going to bed around 9 PM every night this week. In addition, the thought of prepping for the holidays filled me with dread. Thankfully, Jim took the initiative and had the kids decorate the tree and the house last night. I know that I am feeling better because I even managed to decide upon which cookies I want to bake and even bought the ingredients for them. Now, I just need to find the time. Oh, and Christmas shopping. I still need to find the time to do that as well.

It has been a week filled with nothing but work, sleep, and eat with very little reading and writing. I did find the time to rant about the latest Blogger Brouhaha. I also managed to review the following books:

I’ve been struggling to finish books lately. I think this in large part to the fact that I am still working insanely crazy hours, eating at my desk while working. I haven’t even been listening to an audiobook at work. I’m hoping that this week will see that change all the way around. I suspect between the stress of the holidays and my considerable lack of preparation, along with work stress, is making it difficult for me to lose myself in a book. I think it is a sign that I desperately need a vacation.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing and productive Sunday. Happy reading!


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