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We celebrated birthdays galore this week! Gretchen, our beautiful Golden, turned eight on Tuesday. You would think that now that she is officially an elderly dog, she would slow down. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Whenever she is around people, they always comment on “the beautiful puppy”. In spite of the gray face, she is eight years going on eight months!

It was Jim’s birthday yesterday. Besides his homemade carrot cake and gourmet dinner, his birthday present was the new dog and his new motorcycle, which he picked up in October. We went to his favorite breakfast restaurant this morning as well, since yesterday was a little harried.

Talullah Belle
Being at the vet is tiring!

Speaking of new puppies, we picked her up on Friday night and have fallen in love. She is one of the quietest and happiest dogs I have ever met. Housebreaking her is going to be quite an experience because she does not bark or whine when she is in her crate. Still, Connor absolutely adores her and has been a huge help keeping an eye on her or taking her outside. Holly loves her too but is a little unsure of carrying her. Gretchen has even warmed up to her today. Watching the two of them play together is an exercise in hilarity and patience. It looks so rough, but they are having so much fun. We also took her on her first walk today. At nine weeks old, I didn’t think she would be able to go very far. Imagine my surprise when she trotted for an entire mile! I am afraid that I have the one high-energy basset in existence. I know that as she becomes adjusted to her new home and to her new family, she will settle down. In the meantime, the entire family is enjoying our new family member!

I did manage to finish a few books before mayhem ensued this weekend. Here are my reviews in case you missed them the first time:

With that, I hear that Talullah is awake again. I have a feeling I have more towels to wash. Have a great and relaxing Sunday, everyone. Happy reading!

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