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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! I hope everyone has been enjoying their time with their loved ones, eating great food and just relaxing. We spent the weekend in Illinois with my family, watching The Muppets and lots and lots of football. Of course, there may have been some overeating involved too, but ’tis the season, right?

The big trip is tomorrow. I think I am prepared. I ended up having to complete two weeks’ of work in three days. Somehow, I managed to finish it all. Well, I know how I finished everything; it’s called no lunches and twelve-hour work days. After those three days, I know I am ready for anything and am even looking forward to the opportunity to get away for the craziness of this pending week, as people panic and speculate and worry about the official changeover, which happens on Thursday.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I kept it light for reviews this week. I figured everyone was going to be too busy shopping or recovering from their food comas to pay attention to blogs this week. I did review the following:

Since I will be spending at least twenty-four hours on the road this week, I am hoping to get through at least one chunkster to finish up the What’s In a Name Challenge for the year. It means bringing a huge print copy with me, but the opportunity is too good to overlook.

That’s about it for me. We need to get on the road to get home early enough for me to wash clothes, pack and prepare for the big trip. Have a great week, everyone. Happy reading!


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