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It has been another exciting week here in the Shannon household. For those who are checking in for the first time this week, what do you think of the revamps? All the kudos goes to April from April Showers Designs, about whom I cannot rave enough. She did an excellent job, don’t you think?

Thank you for all the well wishes last week. Everyone is definitely 100 percent better. In fact, Jim is feeling so well he headed down to Texas to visit with his family for a long weekend. Yes, that means I am by myself again with the pup, but he’ll get his soon enough.

The countdown to new ownership is in full swing, and rumors are flying after more than half the staff visited the new headquarters in Beloit, Wisconsin this week. As for me, I was told on Monday that I was needed in Kerry Mexico. They wanted me to head down last week and then the week of Thanksgiving. we finally agreed on the Monday after Thanksgiving. To say I was rattled and freaking out is a bit of an understatement. I have never been to Mexico, I do not speak Spanish, and I will be traveling by myself. I will also be leaving as a Cargill employee and coming back home as a Kerry employee; I will be missing the last day events as well as the Day One events planned. I am a little bummed and nervous. If anyone has any helpful hints about a business trip in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, I am all ears!

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? We are heading to Illinois to celebrate the holiday and spend the weekend with my family. It is almost unbelievable that we are in the final weeks of the year. I am not necessarily sorry to see it end; it has been one hell of a year. Still, I am not quite prepared for winter or the holidays. I still have Halloween decor out, and as of yesterday hadn’t switched out my winter and summer clothes yet. Sometimes, I wish we could freeze time so I could get caught up on everything I want to do without missing out on more of life.

It was another week of eclectic reviews. Did you check out all the bookish goodness?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, resting up before Turkey Day (for those here in the United States). Happy reading!


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