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If ever I was feeling inclined to have another child, this week completely disillusioned me to the possibility – not that I was feeling that way. A better way to put it is that this week only confirmed my horror at the thought of another baby. Taking care of the puppy has been a brutal reminder of the fuss and bother, not to mention the sleepless nights. I am definitely anxious for this puppy phase to be over.

In hindsight, last weekend was probably not the best weekend to get a new dog. As adorable as she is, she is a lot of work. Unfortunately, Jim spent the majority of the week working off-shifts as the company performed its annual inventory count, something he was spearheading and in complete control. This meant almost every evening by myself. Adding to that was the fact that Jim got horribly ill towards the latter half of the week – fevers of 103, the shakes, complete exhaustion, no appetite. So, when he was home, he was in bed sleeping. I can’t begrudge him the fact that he was ill, but it did make it much more difficult on me. (He’s still recovering but is definitely doing better.)

To make matters worse, we ended up going into the ER Vet last Sunday night. We noticed something was wrong when she couldn’t go more than two steps without squatting and trying to pee. When she started whimpering non-stop, we knew we had to do something. So, after putting the kids to bed, Jim and I bundled her up and heading to the closest emergency pet care hospital in the area, thirty minutes away. That was a three-hour trip for a bladder infection. We also had the “pleasure” of watching two families grieve over the loss of their beloved pets. It was an interesting night.

So, the bladder infection did not help with the house-breaking. At all. She appears to be on the mend and is doing much better. I fear that the infection put us a week behind in training her that the backyard is her bathroom. Considering what she was doing to my carpet last Sunday, anything is an improvement. Still, I’ll feel better when I know I can trust her for longer than 30 minutes and know she can hold it while in her “house” for longer than two hours.

On top of semi-sleepless nights, half-listening for tell-tale whimpers that indicate she is up and needs to go outside, work keeps moving along. The official Day 1 with the new company is December 1st. Plans are in place, but I still cannot talk to anyone at the new company until after the papers are signed. There are definite benefits to having access to every single trade secret in the company, but there are drawbacks too, this being one of them. There is a ton of posturing and maneuvering as people try to make themselves more powerful, give themselves more responsibility than they actually have in order to give themselves a leg up with the new company. It is SO frustrating and enraging, but I am just biding my time and praying that the new owners realize the truth behind all of this. That is all I can hope for at this point in time.

Being half brain-dead this week made for a slow week on the blog. I did posit some more questions that have been pinging around my brain in a new edition of Inside Michelle’s Brain. I also posted reviews for the following:

I am winding my way down with review copies. It is not that I have read all of those I have received. It is more that I am ready to read my own books for a while. An occasional review book may pop up from time to time, but from now until the end of the calendar year, I plan to read what I want. I hope this helps me get through some of those books I’ve been wanting to read forever but have not gotten around to it. I also feel that the holiday season is too hectic enough to through in any more self-induced stress. So, that’s my plan for the rest of the year.

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