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Yes, I realize that I usually write this on Sundays, but I took a break from the computer. I wasn’t entirely unplugged as I spent way too much time playing Angry Birds Seasons, but I never did open up my laptop.

Did you participate in Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thon this Saturday? I ended up reading only 7 hours and 15 minutes of the day but managed to finish three books during that time. Total pages read came to roughly 500 pages. I accomplished what I wanted, so I am happy. Jim also finished his book. Connor only finished one book, and Holly got through the first third of her stack. The kids started out very strong and lost interest during the day. It was beautiful outside on Saturday, so I had no qualms about sending them out to play and burn some energy. Everyone did enjoy themselves though, and I cannot wait until the next event. Making it a family thing is definitely a lot of fun!

In all the excitement of the Read-a-thon, I still have not managed to catalog my GLiBA books. I really need to do that one of these days, but I am loathe to spend the time on the weekend to do so, especially since we have been having such gorgeous weather on the weekends for once. Part of me is a bit afraid to do a final count too, which is why I am dragging my feet a bit. I promise to try to get a picture for everyone next week.

Illness has definitely hit the house. Holly has the cold of all colds. She sounds awful and is beyond cranky; you’d think she were the only person to ever get sick. Thankfully, the rest of us have managed to avoid what she has. That doesn’t mean we haven’t gotten something. Both Jim and I were fighting some stomach bug that was going around work. There are quite a few people at work who are fighting either intestinal bugs or colds. I fear that season is definitely upon us.

Did you catch my reviews from last week? I have to say, lists like these make me giggle at the eccentricity of what I read in any given week.

Since this is a Tuesday, I will leave you with a wish for a peaceful and easy work week. Happy reading!

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