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Is anyone as shocked as me that September is officially over? It really does feel like the month just started, and I was bemoaning the fact that our schedules were jam-packed. Our schedules are still jam-packed, so I guess that explains why I feel I missed an entire month of my life. Time really needs to start slowing down.

Work this week was rough. It was one of those weeks with nothing but over-reactions on the part of co-workers and e-mails either telling me how to do my job or blame me for something that is not my fault. It was long, exhausting, and horribly uninspiring. We are all waiting to hear about our offers – day 6 out of 20 – so everyone is really on edge. As another co-worker said, the situation around the office could always get worse, but it would take some effort to make it so.

Did you see that Inside Michelle’s Brain made another appearance? I discussed the idea of professionalism and reviews. I would love to get your thoughts on them!

I also reviewed the following:

It wasn’t the greatest collection of novels I’ve read lately. Apparently, my amazing book streak is over for now. Still, there were some interesting novels in the bunch if you are interested in my thoughts on them.
That’s about it for me this week. We are in desperate need of groceries, and with the cooler weather, I am feeling the urge to make soups and pastas. This requires shopping, which means I have to put on pants today. The things we have to do for our families. 😉  
Have a great day, everyone. Happy reading!

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