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Image: Dewey's Read-a-Thon Button

I’m taking a brief break to say that the family is all up now and reading. Well, actually two of us are reading and the other two are supposed to be cleaning their rooms. Holly was the first one up, and the first words out of her mouth was “The read-a-thon, Momma.” Like the good girl she is, she immediately went downstairs, grabbed a book, and read until she got hungry. Connor and I both got up around 9 AM, and the three of us dove into our books about thirty minutes later. I just now finished my first book. Connor finished one of his, and Holly is on her third or fourth. Jim finally dragged himself out of bed about an hour ago, and now he has settled down with his coffee and his book. I imagine the other two will be down shortly, and we truly will have an hour or so where all four of us are reading at the same time!

No stats – I’m keeping it low-key this time around, but I’ll be popping in here periodically to give status reports. Any guesses on how long before the kids’ interest wanes?

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