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Happy Sunday, everyone! If I seem a bit distracted today, it is because my beloved Packers are playing the hated Chicago Bears as I type. It is a vicious rivalry, made all the worse because I grew up in the Chicago suburbs but remained true to my Wisconsin roots with my love of the Green and Gold. Attending one of these games is definitely on my bucket list. For now, I will remain content with watching them on the television.

Thanks for all the well wishes last week! I am definitely feeling better. I am not certain if it was exhaustion or if it was something more serious but all the sleep I got last weekend seemed to make a difference.

On the work front, the sales and purchase agreement between Cargill and Kerry was officially signed on Wednesday. They now have twenty days to present us with our formal offers for employment, and the sale should be final sometime in December. I have my good days and bad days about this entire scenario. I have noticed that as I get closer to finding out what the company has in store for me, I get more nervous and more despondent. Thankfully, the waiting game is almost over. I will definitely keep everyone posted!

It was back to basics on the blog this week with reviews, reviews and more reviews. Here they are if you missed them the first time:

I would normally share with you what I finished this week, but the Pack is getting ready to score again. I need to cheer them on. Have a great week, everyone! Happy reading!

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