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Is it just me or did the month of August absolutely fly? I swear it just started. I have no idea how it could be over already. With temperatures near 100 degrees for the past few days, and heat indices well into the 100s, it certainly does not feel like it. Supposedly, we are to get rain and much cooler temperatures this week. I’ll believe it when it actually happens.

Another week of school, and I believe our schedule is finally settling into somewhat of a routine. Connor made the big decision to stop playing soccer. His heart was definitely not in it this year, and he was already struggling trying to get all of his homework done between practices each night. It definitely is the end of an era, but I know his cross-country coach has HUGE plans for him. (The words “coach’s prodigy” were bandied about today.) Since his team won the meet in which they competed yesterday, it is definitely for the best. This week, Connor has two meets, and Holly starts ballet and tap. As much as I am going to miss it, Jim and I are relishing taking one thing off of our plates this fall.

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Speaking of the end of August, Read My Own Books Month is officially at an end. How did you do? I managed to keep to stick to all non-review novels except for one. It was for a book tour, and I unfortunately did not receive the book until after August 1st. I have one last prize pack for one lucky winner: a journal, a book of your choice, a bookmark and a special treat from Godiva! Please use the Mr. Linky to link to your wrap-up post, and I’ll choose the winner next week!

As for reviews, here is a list of those that went live this week, in case you missed them the first time:

The end of August is not all bad, as it means that my favorite challenge of the year starts. Catch all the details of RIP VI in my jubilant post from Friday.

In an effort to help along the fall weather that we are supposed to be getting tomorrow, I plan to spend the day baking and preparing for a small get-together we’re having this afternoon. That is about all the labor I plan on doing this weekend though. Labor Day is all about relaxing in my opinion! I hope your Labor Day is just as relaxing. Happy reading!

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