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Welcome to August and the first official Read My Own Books Month! No review copies, no deadlines, nothing but reading those books that you have been waiting to read forever, whether you spent your own money to obtain them, borrowed them from the library, or even swapped them with a fellow book lover. The important point is that you have not obtained them from an author or a publisher in exchange for a review.

As I mentioned, there will be prizes and a check-in once a week. Here is a picture of what I’ll be offering.

Image: Books

In the spirit of summer fun, there will also be some surprises added. Winners will be chosen from the week’s Mr. Linky links and will be announced the following week, at which time you will have 24 hours to contact me about the details. Prizes are open internationally.


Speaking of surprises, here is this week’s surprise prize, along with your choice of one of the books (all brand-new and unread) listed above:

Image: Book journal with Book Darts Photo

Now, for the important part. Here’s my pledge:

I want to take back my reading for at least one month. Therefore, I, Michelle Shannon, commit to devoting 100 percentage of books read during the month of August to reading nothing but books I have owned. It is time to read what I want and celebrate the spirit of summer!

Have you made your pledge yet? Please join me for a chance to win a book of your choice from the list, a brand-new reading journal and book darts! Use the following Mr. Linky to link to your inaugural posts, any reviews or updates for RMOB Month this week; it is your ticket for a chance to win!

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