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With the month half-over, how is everyone doing on their goal? Have you been able to balance your non-review books with any review books? I am plodding along, enjoying the more relaxed pace. Two of the books I am currently reading are long (almost 900 pages and 500 pages respectively), so taking the time to read them slowly, as they deserve, is a treat.

By the way, my own answers to last week’s questions are slightly embarrassing.

  1. How many unread books do you have? 467 at last count, not including audiobooks
  2. How many of those did you purchase? 265 at last count. It’s an addiction. 
  3. How many are for review? 59 thanks to four more coming in this week.
  4. Which unread book have you owned the longest? How long has it been sitting unread? Umberto Eco’s The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana has been sitting on my shelves since before my son was born. He just turned 11. Isn’t that awful?
  5. Which book are you most looking forward to finishing this month? Heartless by Gail Carriger; I absolutely adore The Parasol Protectorate series!
  6. How many of your own books were you able to finish this week? Three, which isn’t that great. I need to step it up!
  7. Which one is your favorite? I was able to finish Heartless after all, and it was SO worth it!!

This week’s writing prompt is something that definitely impacts me more than I realized until this experiment. I know that the number of vampire-containing books in my personal library is probably higher than most people, and yet, I do not end up requesting or selecting such books to review very often. Part of this is because this particular sub-genre does not need any help with advertising, but also because I know I will get around to reading them. The novels I do review are ones that push me into genres or topics I would normally ignore or limit my exposure. Why I do this, I have yet to figure out, but when I was greedily eye-balling those books on my shelves I could not wait to read, vampire-containing novels made the top of the list followed closely by other YA novels.

So, do you find your genre preference in review books differs from your genre preference in your personally owned books? Do you tend to select literary fiction to review but secretly adore chick lit or YA? What about thrillers or cozy mysteries? Use the Mr. Linky to share your thoughts!

Congratulations to Cori on winning last week’s prize! Please contact me within the next 24 hours to choose your bookmark and two books from the list.

This week’s prize is the same as last week: your choice of bookmark and two books from the list. Good luck!

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