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Howdy, howdy! I’m back this week with all the news that’s fit to print. Last weekend, we took a quick trip back to Illinois to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. I swear I’m not old enough for my dad to be 60, but that is neither here nor there. We had a great weekend, eating Chicago-style pizza, swimming at my brother’s community pool and hanging out. It was a quick but fun getaway.

I shared with the Twitter and Facebook crowd the big news at work. We were hit with this bombshell at 8 AM on a Friday. I did this five years ago and managed to surf the turmoil. Hey, I was able to get my recent promotion out of the situation, so it wasn’t all bad. Now that Jim and I both work for the same company, this news has definitely caused some concern. We won’t hear anything final for the next four to six weeks, but as I told Jim, all we can do is buckle up and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be an interesting one!

In other news, I found out that someone has been plagiarizing at least one of my reviews. 1001 Books is the culprit, and they stole my review of Sinclair Lewis’ Main Street, of all things. Don’t worry. I’ve already reported them to Blogger. This is not just lifting of a post. It is taking my words and incorporating more than 75 percent of them into his/her “own” review. A little research showed me that almost all of the book reviews posted at this site are stolen from other bloggers or other media reviews and passed off as original works. Awful. Since there is no way to contact this person directly, I hope that if you find your own words on this site, please report them to Blogger so that we can get this person taken off the Interwebz for stealing.

On to the reading portion of the report – since I didn’t report in last week, there have been a ton of reviews over the past two weeks.

While those reviews were posting, I was busy reading the following:
  • Men, Women & Children by Chad Kultgen
  • The Books of Lies by Mary Horlock
  • Wildefire by Karsten Knight
  • A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan
  • The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon
  • The Reservoir by John Milliken Thompson

My reading has definitely slowed down this summer. I think I need all those practices to up my reading time. As of Friday, we have one more month before school starts. It will be here before we know it.

Speaking of the kids, Connor finally shared a little bit about his trip to Washington, D.C. earlier this month.
He still raves about it, so even though it was an extremely expensive trip, it was worth every penny.

Last but not least, I decided to make my Read My Own Books Month a true event and opened up sign-ups this week! I hope you all check it out and sign up. I am a firm believer that the more, the merrier.

With that, I am off to try to stay cool in this miserably hot weather and see if I can up my reading tally today.  At least the heat is making it easy to do nothing. Have a cool Sunday and happy reading!

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