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Last weekend, in a spurt of productivity, Jim and I opted to repaint our family room, which mean two days of drop clothes, paint clothes, and brushes. With new paint color comes the need to redecorate and refresh the room, which lead to deep cleaning and new blinds. We took time off to hit a local festival and fireworks show, but we really did not finish this last-minute project until Monday. While the family room looks wonderful, I am only slightly resentful that I did not get the chance to relax as much as I wanted during the long weekend.

Yesterday, there was no relaxing either as we attended Jim’s and my company picnic; it helps that we work at the same company because it does eliminate one company picnic and one holiday party from our repertoire a year. Granted, it is one of the hottest weekends of the year so far, and spending time outdoors at a local amusement park was not really my idea of fun. Sometimes, you just have to play the political game though, so we put in our appearance and made nice with coworkers. The beer was cold, and since the park is only open to three or four company events at a time and not to the general public, the kids could do their own thing without fear. They had a blast, and ultimately, that is all that counts.

We followed up that picnic with a cookout with friends. This one also had cold alcoholic drinks and was a bit more to our liking. It was an extremely late night/early morning, so today, finally, there is relaxation in store. It helps that it is too hot to do anything outside right now. Summer has definitely decided it wants to make an appearance. As long as I stay in the air-conditioned house, I am perfectly okay with that because it means more reading time!

Image: Read My Own Books Month ButtonBecause I want to build a little more balance between review copies and my own personal copies, I am officially declaring August to be Read My Own Books Month! Starting August 1, I am taking the entire month off to read those books I want to read but do not fall into my review schedule, those that I have purchased and have put aside in lieu of trying to meet self-imposed deadlines. I hope to get through some chunksters and partake in one readalong. I always enjoy reading and have read some truly amazing books in recent months, but I know that I have some equally amazing books on my shelves that have been waiting patiently for a year or two (or five). It is time to give them the same type of attention I tend to put towards review copies. Because the blogging world is nothing if not social, I invite you all to participate with me! This is not going to be a formal challenge or event, unless there is a huge call for it, but I would love it if you would spend the last month of summer vacation reading your own books along with me. Please feel free to borrow the button/image and have fun!

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Speaking of challenges, I snuck in one more challenge this summer. The 100 Mile Fitness Challenge has been resurrected! It started July 1st and lasts through September 30th. I have given myself a goal of walking or running 100 miles between those two dates. I managed to get nine miles under my belt during the first week. It felt good to get moving again, even if it hurt while I was doing it and am ashamed at how out of shape I truly am. Yet, if I hope to meet Michelle for the Disney Princess half-marathon this winter in Orlando, I better get started training now!

As for my reading, I continue to plug away at my review list. Check out these reviews that posted during the past two weeks:

As for pending reviews, the list keeps growing. Here is what I have finished, the reviews for which will be posted in the next two weeks:

  • Grave Peril by Jim Butcher (audiobook)
  • The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin
  • Feast by Merrie Destefano
  • The Sweetness of Tears by Nafisa Haji
  • Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens
  • Overbite by Meg Cabot
  • Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson (audiobook)
  • Long Gone by Alafair Burke

As for me, I believe the season calls for a siesta right now. Keep cool and happy reading!

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