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Tired of being bogged down with review copies? Are the books you purchased calling you but keep getting put to the bottom of your TBR pile? Come join me as I take a month to devote to nothing but my own books! I have decided to declare August as “Read My Own Books Month” and cordially invite you to do the same. We all need a vacation, and ending summer with nothing but books that have been languishing on your bookshelves is the perfect vacation!


I’m keeping this event as low-key as possible, in the spirit of vacation. I ask for one pledge:

“I want to take back my reading for at least one month. Therefore, I, insert name, commit to devoting x percentage of books read during the month of August to reading nothing but books I have owned. It is time to read what I want and celebrate the spirit of summer!”

That’s it! No pressure to review, no deadlines. Just enjoy reading as we did before we started blogging.


I will be curious to see how you are doing in your pledge and therefore will be scheduling a weekly update post to share with the group your progress. Again, I want to keep it as fun and easy as possible. Of course, for those who would like more structure, I will have discussions prompts for you.


Did I forget to mention there will be prizes? Each week, I will randomly select a winner from the weekly update links. Prizes will include books, of course, bookmarks and other goodies. Who knows? There might even be a surprise or two for one lucky winner.


Sign-ups are now open! You are more than welcome to sign-up and state your commitment immediately. I will also have sign-ups on August 1st and for the weekly updates. However, you are more than welcome to join us at any point in time during the month.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am. If you are, please feel free to spread the news. Spread it loud and proud. It’s time to take back our reading selections and get to those books we’ve been meaning to read for ages!

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